In the details of Ganna’s bike for the Hour Record. Here is the Bolide F HR 3D

This allows for longer and thinner airfoil sections to be used. It is well known that the type sections of 6: 1 or even 8: 1 they perform significantly better than the old 3: 1 ratio.
But that’s not all because according to Pinarello very wide forks and chainstays must be designed to reduce the overall aerodynamic drag not of the single structure. The results of the scientific research conducted by the brand based in Villorba (Tv) are not entirely clear yet.

That’s why we opted for a narrow fork and chainstays, both close to the lenticular wheels.
Below it development of forms.

The final shapes of the frame kit.

Ganna's bike for the Hour Record

Ganna’s bike for the Hour Record: the handlebar

Today, after several CFD optimization cycles on Nablaflow’s Aerocloud platform (which we recall is available to companies and individuals), he has created a handlebar geometry designed specifically for Ganna.

3D printing was also used here to shape the proven titanium (Ti6Al4V) thanks to a ARCAM EBM printer.

Ganna's bike for the Hour Record

Ganna's bike for the Hour Record

Ganna’s bike for the Hour Record: wheels and drivetrain

Not just Pinarello.
To complete the set-up of the Bolide F HR 3D there are WattShop crankset and sprocket (the brand founded and managed by Dan Bigham), Izumi chain and covers Continental mounted on Princeton wheels: without a doubt the most “mysterious” component.

Last week we interviewed Princeton, a US brand based in Mystic (Connecticut) that from 2019 cooperates very closely with the INEOS-Grenadiers team.
Overseas they are cautious in spreading details and information: the wheels used, by Bigham before and now by Ganna, are a coordinated four-handed project with the British team. A process that also led to the definition of a model for road use.

They affect the steel ball bearings from the external diameter (OD) equal to 42 mm. A solution that made it possible to create wheel axes (ant. M6, post. M8) with increased diameter (20 mm) capable of increasing torsional rigidity.

Silicon nitride (Si3N4) is not used, which is generally the material that characterizes the ceramic spheres.
The bearings of Ganna’s bike for the Hour Record they do not have gaskets (no seals) and are lubricated with super dry type oil.

The wheel is constructed primarily of UD unidirectional carbon (Princeton says no more) and features a smooth surface.
The rear axle accommodates a pinion splined type which is then inserted and tightened to 40 Nm thanks to a Center Lock ring.

Ganna's bike for the Hour Record

This solution, unlike the classic track sprocket equipped with a thread, allows you to play more with the thicknesses placed between the wheel and sprocket (photo below) in order to identify the best chain line depending on the ratios used.

The splined pinion is not an absolute novelty: it is used by the 2018 on track bikes thanks to the ability to distribute loads evenly.

Ganna's bike for the Hour Record

Even the crank Cratus Aero Crank is signed WattShop and is characterized by interchangeable bushings in the pedal engagement area that allow you to vary the length of the crank in an interval between 160 and 175 mm.
The combinations are as follows: 160/175 mm, 162.5 / 172.5 mm, 165/170 mm and 167.5mm.

Turn bolts from 144 mm with a Q factor minimized (134 mm) as well as the gap between crank arm and chainring.

There 1/8 ″ Izumi Kai chain comes from Japan.
Here too there is Bigham’s hand: it is a component used on the track by the US and Danish national team (for which Bigham was a consultant in Tokyo 2020).

Compared to the V Super Toughness version (used by Dowsett for his Hour Record attempt) the Kai promises to increase smoothness and aerodynamic drag up to a + 10% when combined with a high performance lubricant.

The merit is of its special construction: cold forging, new surface treatment and compasses which house the rollers built in one piece.

The covers Continental GP5000 TT TdF 23mm they can be fitted with a TPU or tubeless inner tube.
Which wheel system will be used on Ganna’s bike for the Hour Record?
90% of the room will be used: the same solution adopted by Bigham (photo below).

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