In the midst of the Harden case, crazy rumor: “They want LeBron next summer and…”

While the James Harden case has rocked the NBA in recent days, some experts are trying to understand the origins of the problem. after a long thoughtN, a respected reporter thinks he understands the Sixers’ strategy: they’ll save up to pay for LeBron James, that’s all!

Two unsuccessful playoff campaigns and then gone? Anyway, that’s what I’m trying to achieve. james harden In Philadelphia, he who went to war with the rulers there. During his tour in China, a country where he apparently feels as free as the air, the bearded man revealed that he had no intention of ever playing in a Sixers jersey again, despite pleas from Joel Embiid.

He criticizes Daryl Morey, the target of his sudden wrath, for a genuine lack of clarity regarding his potential contract extension. Apparently he was promised a few things, especially maximum pay, but nothing happened. So why this change, why did the Sixers’ leaders decide to lie to him despite solid contributions on the ground?

The Sixers go full force on LeBron?!

According to Kevin O’Connor, it’s because he has ambitious plans for next summer. As he revealed on the latest episode of his podcast, the Sixers are said to be very interested in recruiting indeed Lebron James And in 2024, their son, Brony. Somewhat insane hypothesis, but one that can please joel embied ,

The big lesson in this case is that, in my opinion, Daryl Morey’s target next summer will be James Harden. It is a decision that will make sense. Frankly, I don’t think the Sixers would make that much room for anyone else.

According to “KOC”, if the Sixers do not extend James Harden, it is the place to sign LeBron James next summer.

He’ll be 39 then, with nothing to prove to anyone in the NBA, so he may be tempted by a new project and one last little challenge before he retires. The Sixers haven’t played in the Conference Finals in decades, so getting there and leading them past that milestone would be another all-time achievement for King.

It remains to be seen whether they will also be able to recover Bronnie James, whose career is still on hold following a cardiac arrest. This theory may be far-fetched, but for the moment, it seems like the most logical project to allow Joel Embiid to reach the heights… unless its leaders suddenly become interested in Damian Lillard.

LeBron James will be honored by the Sixers, who will look to throw him one last interesting challenge with Joel Embiid. Next summer is already about to heat up, and the rumors about King shouldn’t subside in the coming months.

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