In the Oscar After Party, Paulina Rubio Left Much to Be Desired. Awesome!

Paulina Rubio

The singer was the star of the night and now everyone talks about her.

It is not that Paulina Rubio is going through the best moment of her life since she has had to deal with different situations that directly affect her in various aspects.

After the father of one of her children and former partner, Gerardo Bazúa, made a complaint about the many complications that the famous singer put to see her son, the picture does not look good.

For this reason it was that the popular interpreter was in the media focus for several weeks, since it cannot be believed that at this point both parties do not agree on their son.

Another situation that the musical celebrity is going through while in dispute with her son’s father is the loss of a label, which is why she had to launch as an independent.

It was 19 years that Paulina was under the same Universal Music label, and until now the reasons for this separation are unknown.

For Rubio, it has not been easy and perhaps that is why she ended up being so criticized the night after the Oscars where they never miss the sharp and acid look of many.

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Paulina Rubio wore a dress that is now news because everyone comments that the diva now has several kilos more and has lost her figure. Impressed speculate and relate everything that comes living with your image.



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