In the Sand Alexa Dellanos Sits Down and Seems to Bring Nothing Down

Natural charms! The beautiful model Alexa Dellanos took off the pain and showed further down showing off her open sitting on the sand

Alexa Dellanos is one of the girls who has undoubtedly created a stir on social networks, her great body being what has made millions of people are aware of her content, so she was surprised by showing off her curves sitting on the sand.

And it is that the famous American model got more than the ovation after she showed off in an intrepid cloth band that barely covered, so her open sitting made her ardent admirers sweat.

It was through her official Instagram account that Alexa Dellanos shared with her insistent followers, one of the most heated postcards using nothing more and nothing less than a white bathing suit, however the size of it and the translucent thread made it seem that down there was nothing.

So that they are the top with a bra and bottom with panties, it caused intense reactions full of sand sitting wide open under the rays of the sun, because taking advantage of the moment she decided to tan a little and thus match the tone she had in other parts of her anatomy.

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This is how quickly her fervent admirers could not help reacting to the fascinating photograph, as the daughter of the famous communicator Myra Dellanos could not help but show even more all those folds that are made when sitting and with translucent plasters that made you think she was not wearing anything downstairs.

Dellanos is one of the girls in the modeling world who has benefited from social networks to promote her work since it is where she wears fantastic outfits where her beauty always looks spectacular and those lush, almost uncovered curves end up being what best of the best for his followers.

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