In the Tub Chiquis Rivera Raises Her Leg With Impudence and Shows an Opening

Chiquis Rivera’s new photograph has all her fans stunned, and it is that by showing off her charm in that indiscreet and flirtatious neon look, she unleashed passion

He puts himself in the eye of hurricane Chiquis Rivera by sharing with everyone a snapshot in which he looks stunning from the bathtub, flaunting the famous over-the-top brand of seduction and beauty and causes a stir among Internet users.

Abusing those divine curves that she possesses, the beautiful singer left everyone stunned by showing more than necessary in that pose in which she lifts her leg and exhibits the neckline opening to catch the eye.

The famous one got her loyal fans to quickly react and dedicate the best comments to her, between compliments and compliments, the intense list continues to grow.

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There are many who appreciate Chiquis Rivera’s detail of giving them unforgettable moments like this one, and in this look, she boasts a body in a neon bodysuit she unleashed madness, she has everyone passionate about her voluptuous beauty.

Without a doubt, in the image, Chiquis shows more than necessary, and it is that with that opening in the chest she reveals more all her charm, while the tightness of the body perfectly marks those exuberant curves that make anyone fall in love.

The businesswoman has not stopped surprising through her social networks, but without a doubt this publication surpasses any other, since here she flaunts sensuality, style, and daring, in that risky pose she exhibited more of her beauties.

Like her mother, Jenni Rivera has empowered women who are proud of their bodies, which they show without fear of anything and fully trusting in everything they have to excite.

Her loyal fans gave her the best comments, which surely raised her self-esteem since they were too affectionate to see her in that daring summer bodysuit in a neon green tone.

When talking about the Rivera dynasty, it is certainly controversial, and Chiquis is one of those who has been in the eye of the hurricane the most, always creating controversy with her publications, and this time she was no exception, having everyone attentive to her activities.

It is impossible that a wave of intense reactions will not be unleashed and although some applauded his style, confidence, and security, others destroy it with ruthless criticism, but the fact is that it is always kept in the public eye.     

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