In the US, they see Mateus Uribe as Alvaro Fidalgo’s replacement


Faced with the possible departure of the Spanish midfielder, Azuclemas fans have a clear idea of ​​the ideal replacement.

The fans want an old familiar from the club.
© SpecialThe fans want an old familiar from the club.

Alvaro Fidalgo leaves European football Start gaining more strength every daybecause after six exciting games, defending the azulcrema jersey A huge level and a title already in the bagas President Santiago Baños emphasized, the offer to him was good, so in this case, Fans are aware Mateus Uribe could be the replacement.

Aguilas fans have developed a strong attachment to the Spanish midfielder as Their performance on the field and their character as people are rarely seen in Mexican football..However, they know that anything can happen, and It depends on whether you stay abroad or go abroad..

This is why American fans define The footballers they want to see arrive if Fidalgo leavesbecause given that the market is about to close, the board will have to rush to hire a midfielder, They want old acquaintances from the agency.

Mateus Uribe, the MC fans want

That’s why 32-year-old Colombian player Mateus Uribe was named “Mateus Uribe.” Had a blast at Coapa a few years agoleaving 13 in the display case and being Essential to the operation of the equipmentespecially with outstanding goals and a lot of physical effort in both defense and attack.

Imagery 7 | Mateus Uribe left a mark during his time at Aguilas.

The reality is that, like Matthäus, Fans have other wishes A possible replacement for Alvaro Fidalgo, although everyone hopes Maggito chooses to stay at the club. Currently, Uribe is entering the final stage of his career. He has ended his career in European footballhe has ushered in a new challenge in his career since this season.

opinion poll Will Matthaus be the best choice to replace Fidalgo?

Will Matthaus be the best choice to replace Fidalgo?

Yes, the level is very high

It’s ideal and you already know the club

No, let them find someone younger

270 people have voted

Where does Matthaus currently play?

colombians and former americans He moved from the Portuguese League to the Saudi Arabian League and joined Al Sadd this season. As one of the bomb reinforcements, so sure It’s hard to match his salary For now, however, fans believe he could be an option to replace Fidalgo.

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