in the Weekend a Cyclonic Vortex will threaten us! Regions at Risk Saturday and Sunday »

Weather: in the Weekend a Cyclonic Vortex will threaten us! Regions at Risk Saturday and Sunday

Weather forecast for the weekendOver the next weekend a cyclonic vortex will threaten some Italian regions! This is the news that emerges from the latest update of the data centers: Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 March rains could return, even moderate or heavy, but there is also the risk of alate cold spell due to a repeated icy influx downhill from Eastern Europe.

Over the weekend Italy will be disputed between two different circulations which will heavily affect the atmospheric scenario: on the one hand, the arrival of a cyclonic vortexon the other a very cold air flow downhill from Russia.

Taking a look at the European chessboard we can see how from the West there will be the pressing of an Atlantic perturbation, (first circulation) which will partly interact with the cold oriental currents. This front will be connected to a small vortex that will parade close to Sardinia already in the course of Saturday 12 March. Conditions will mainly worsen on the two major islands, with intense showers, including thunderstorms and strong sirocco winds.
Weak phenomena, snowy at low altitudes, will affect the Western Alps between Piedmont and Western Liguria, rapidly depleting by evening.

On the rest of Italy, on the other hand, we will have more stable and sunny weather, but above all the temperatures will be talked about. In fact, the second circulation in the field it concerns the cold currents that will spread over our country, first affecting the Adriatic sectors and then in general the whole of the Center North. Thermal values they will drop dramatically and will end up well below climatic averages (about 8 ° C less than what would be expected in mid-March) so much so that during the night and in the early morning it will even be possible extended frosts to the plains.

In short, Italy will be right on the border line between the effects of a repeated icy flow coming from Eastern Europe, which seems to not want to let go and a depression circulation coming from the West: we will therefore be tossed between winter cold and some rain!

Disruption will threaten part of the Italian regionsDisruption will threaten part of the Italian regions

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