In times of Tom Cruise-mania, old video of Nicole Kidman jabbing ex-husband goes viral

It has invaded social media in recent hours, and has gone viral, a video that dates back to 2001 and in which Nicole Kidman talks about the end of her marriage with Tom Cruise making a witty and somewhat naughty joke.

Now that Tom Cruise is again at the height of success, thanks to Top Gun: Maverick and the beautiful surprises they should reserve for us Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning – Part 1 And Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning – Part 2, gossips or simply gossip fans go to dig into his past and his private life to find something that arouses curiosity and even laughs. That’s why a video in which Nicole Kidmanguest of David Letterman in 2001, she talks about the breakup with her ex-husband and makes a very witty joke. Probably, looking at it, Tom would say: “There’s nothing to laugh about”, because ours has not yet found a soul mate, but no one has told us his reaction, and since he is busy on the set of MI 8it is likely that he knows nothing about it.

The Kidman / Cruise divorce

Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidmanwho met on the set of Days of thunder in 1989, they married after a year, to divorce in 1999. The end of the marriage was very painful for the Kidman, who became pregnant with her husband and had a miscarriage. For Tom Cruise it was not exactly a health walk but almost, since there was the hand of the beloved Scientology, which did not allow its “followers” to marry people outside the religious sect. Down on the set of Eyes Wide Shut the two couldn’t stand each other, and whoever saw them at the Venice Film Festival, where the film was presented, remembers well that in the press conference room the air was cut with a knife. So a joke from the poor Nicole in one of the most complex and darkest periods of his life he is really cheering up all his fans, who may have tied to the finger the bad behavior of Cruise.

Nicole Kidman’s video went viral with the dig at Tom Cruise

In the infamous video, Nicole Kidman says a David Letterman than without Tom Cruise she can finally wear shoes with heels, instead of the ballet flats or similar ballet flats that she was forced to wear especially on the red carpet ed). Despite her dazzling smile, her determination and her energy in spite of her no longer young age, Tom he has always been teased for his height, which is equivalent to 1 meter and 70 centimeters. For a man it is not very good, but the actor could object by saying that in small barrels there is good wine. And then the world of American cinema is full of small barrels (from Al Pacino to Dustin Hoffman and from Andy Garcia to Gael Garcia Bernal) and none of them contain poor quality wine. So no problem.

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