In Transparencies and From the Back, Demi Rose Shows Everything Below

Exposing her voluptuous curves without any shame, the beautiful British model thrilled everyone by wearing a translucent garment that allowed an incredible view of her charms to be contemplated.

With the most recent publication on her digital platforms, the beautiful British model, Demi Rose once again thrilled her more than 16 million fans, after wearing a translucent outfit that fitted perfectly in her sweeping curves and was easily appreciated. an incredible view of her later charms.

Let us remember that today, the beautiful internet celebrity is one of the most popular influencers among Internet users, as she has managed to captivate hundreds of thousands with her daring updates on her social networks, especially Instagram, where she posts and interacts with his fans more often.

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Thanks to all her worldwide fame, Rose has earned the recognition of major fashion and beauty brands, which have made her their main image to promote their products to their millions of followers, as did Pretty Little Thing, a retailer. fashion in the UK that made her an ambassador for her brand.

That is why the successful 26-year-old shared a series of images through her personal account on the little camera’s social network, with which she stole the breath of thousands of users, in which she appears modeling a garment from the latest collection of the English brand while she is posing on her back on a small dirt path in the middle of nature on the island of Ibiza.

As can be seen in the snapshots, the former partner of the rapper Tyga showed without a hint of regretting his immense charm with a tight dress with transparencies, which allowed him to easily appreciate the small white panties that stand out in the middle of his firm rear.

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“The earth is what we all have in common” is the text that Demi Rose wrote at the bottom of the publication to accompany her attractive photo gallery, which could be translated into Spanish as “the earth is what we all have in common”.

The publication, as expected, was very well received by its fervent fans on the platform, since only one day has passed since it was shared but it has already managed to exceed 310 thousand reactions of likes in the shape of a red heart.

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