In Transparencies, Demi Rose Captures Glances With Fitted Dress

The beautiful British model caught all eyes when she wore a tight translucent dress, with which she made it clear that she was not wearing underwear

Demi Rose, the beautiful British model, took all the attention with the most recent publication on her Instagram profile, in which she uploaded a series of photos that took the breath away of more than one, as she had no qualms about showing off her sweeping curves when wearing a tight translucent dress, with which she made it clear that she was not wearing underwear.

This is not the first time that the 26-year-old girl has surprised her more than 16 million fans with a postcard of this caliber because just a few days ago she was encouraged to wear a light dress, which allowed her to contemplate her firm and voluptuous rear without problems thanks to the revealing fabric of the garment.

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In addition, it is not surprising that Rose posts this spicy content to her social networks, however, it is not the only place where she shares this type of risque material, since, at the end of May, she announced her arrival in OnlyFans, a platform on which he has been uploading provocative and daring snapshots that leave nothing to the imagination.  

Through his personal account on the camera’s social network, the famous internet celebrity published a gallery of three images that almost immediately unleashed the spicy reactions of Internet users, where he can be seen in the middle of a sophisticated restaurant in the paradise island of Ibiza, sitting and enjoying a glass of champagne while modeling an amazing set with transparencies. 

In these postcards, the well-known Pretty Little Things ambassador was seen totally uninhibited after savoring a few drinks of the alcoholic beverage, wearing a long and tight dress with gray irregular print, which she did not have a bit of regret in wearing. dinner even if it was made with a fabric that showed everything that was underneath.

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“In the cool of the evening when everything is getting kinda groovy”, was the phrase that the beautiful influencer placed in the description to accompany her photographs, which could be translated into Spanish as “in the cool of the night when everything gets a little wonderful ”.

The publication, as expected, caused a large number of users to appear on the platform to fill the images with red hearts, which have managed to exceed 311 thousand reactions of likes in just 15 hours that was shared by Demi Rose, where her loyal fans did not forget to leave her thousands of messages complimenting her wonderful beauty and a dreamy body.

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