in underwear and muscled like never before

Incredible but true, Daniel Radcliffe has done a LOT of other things since he hung up his wand in 2011. Even if it’s hard to admit, Harry Potter is ancient history for the British actor , now 34 years old and a young dad… And what can we see Daniel in? In the series Miracle Workers (available in France via Pass Warner and which we warmly recommend), a wacky and sometimes a little daring comedy, whose fourth season has just ended.

Daniel Radcliffe sharpened like never before…

After playing an employee of God in the first season, a medieval prince in the second and a reverend in the days of the wild west in the third (the stories change, not the cast in this anthology series), he embodies a lonely wanderer (which will not remain so for long) in a post-apocalyptic world in the last. A dive into a Mad Max universe which is an opportunity to see Daniel Radcliffe under a very different eye. In briefs and all in muscles. We had already had a glimpse of his impressive physical transformation in the previous season, but here the actor does even more by revealing to us – during a moment of fury when his character, Sid, strips – a perfectly chiseled athletic body that we did not suspect him. But really not at all. Since almost (…)

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