Incapacitated by her father. Why are fans worried about Britney Spears?

Although she does not give concerts and does not record new songs, many people still remember about her. She began her musical activity in 1992 and despite her young age, she soared to the top of the charts. Some say it happened too quickly. The entertainment industry, along with a crowd of fans, followed her nervous breakdown. It was said that the star, one of the artists with the most sold publications in the 1990s, did not cope with popularity.

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There were photos in the media in which the teen pop queen walks in a worn tracksuit with her head shaved bald. And you couldn’t blame her if she hadn’t barricaded herself with the children in the bathroom a moment later. Several years have passed since these events, and Britney is getting loud again.

The artist’s first problems came to light in 2008. Then the court found her unable to decide about herself. The tutelage over her life was taken over by her father, which did not prevent her from advancing her career. After only two months of psychiatric hospitalization, she returned with the music material ready, recorded an album and went on a tour … and more.

However, something is changing in 2019. Britney rebels and no longer wants to perform under her father’s control. The artist even asks the court to change her guardianship, but this prevents her from being released. The case is getting loud in social media.

#FreeBritney Movement

A group of fans decide to organize and help the singer. Then it also turns out what rights the artist is deprived of. Following an earlier court decision, Britney cannot decide her own finances, cannot drive, vote, marry, bear children or see her sons without restriction without her father’s consent.

The father is also supposed to influence the career development and statements in the media … including social media. People who follow Britney on Instagram have already figured out something was wrong. However, some of them seem to go too far. Some fans believed Britney was hurt so much that they theorized that a double would replace her. Every word and gesture has come to be treated as a kind of code that she uses to ask for help.

Britney is happy to answer questions from her fans. One of them wanted to know which Disney story is her favorite. The singer replied without hesitation that it was “Frozen”. An internet user drew far-reaching conclusions from this answer. “She mentioned the fairy tale because it’s about a lonely girl trapped in a castle. Sounds familiar? We got it, Britney,” he wrote.

“You have no right to assume anything about my sister, and I have no right to talk about her health and private affairs. She is a strong woman who is unstoppable. And one thing is obvious,” wrote Jamie Lynn Spears, the artist’s sister .

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Fans are also concerned by the fact that Britney repeatedly publishes the same or very similar photos at long intervals. According to some, this would mean that she is not responsible for her profile on social media.

“Framing Britney Spears”

New York Times journalists decided to face the truth – the result is a film. The documentary “Framing Britney Spears” – according to the magazine “Vulture” – is a thought-provoking image of the contemporary and contemporary media, the music industry and a staff of people who care for the development of the young pop star. The material shows how much criticism the young celebrity faced and how strongly it influenced her mental health.

The singer’s ex-partner was also hurt. The document recalls how Justin Timberlake openly criticized his then-girlfriend, suggesting that she cheated on him. Now Internet users accuse him of wanting to stand out on her name.

According to “Vulture”, Britney Spears’ relatives were invited to participate in the film, but none of them decided to do so. The information from the “Us Weekly” magazine shows that the singer does not hold a grudge against Timberlake, she forgave him for a long time and does not want him to be attacked on the Internet, but the social media machine has already started.

The film, starring Stephanie Priess, Jason Stallman and Sam Dolnick, is the sixth installment in the New York Times documentary series. The premiere took place on February 5 on the FX Productions TV station and on the Hulu platform.

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