Increased cholesterol. What should be the correct level of HDL and LDL?

Total cholesterol increased. What does it mean?

Increased cholesterol is a signal that appropriate actions should be taken as soon as possible to lower it. First, however, it is important to realize what cholesterol really is and why it is so important and, at the same time, dangerous to the human body.

Cholesterol is an organic compound that is partially produced by the body (specifically the liver) and partially ingested with food. It is necessary for the functioning of the body, but too high a level of the substance may cause health problems. This is because total cholesterol is made up of two fractions:

  • HDL – the so-called good cholesterol
  • LDL – the so-called bad cholesterol.

Cholesterol is indispensable for the body because it corresponds to, inter alia, for the production of hormones and the absorption of vitamin D, it is a component of yellow, important in the digestive process, but most of all it is a building block of myelin sheaths that protect nerve fibers.

Nevertheless, if the total cholesterol is elevated in the test results, then it is necessary to limit it, as it may contribute to the development of atherosclerosis.

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The cause of high cholesterol

High cholesterol, also called hypercholesterolaemia, can have several causes. Some of them are independent of us. These include genetic conditions and age. On the other hand, some of the factors influencing the increase in cholesterol are fully dependent on our lifestyle. The accumulation of “bad cholesterol” is conducive to:

It is easy to eliminate these factors and thus improve the condition of our body. Good intentions and high motivation are enough. It may also be necessary to consult a dietitian when changing your diet.

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Cholesterol is vital to life, but too much is unhealthy

Normal cholesterol. Standards of “good” and “bad” cholesterol

Normal cholesterol is one of the most important issues in maintaining the well-being of our body. It is worth checking it regularly, and it may help to avoid, among others, in the future. cardiovascular diseases. Normal cholesterol should be within the following standards:

  • LDL – standard: 130 mg / dl; for patients after stroke and suffering from cardiovascular diseases: <100 mg / dl
  • HDL – normal: men ≥ 40 mg / dl women ≥ 50 mg / dl; for patients after stroke and suffering from cardiovascular diseases:> 60 mg / dl.

How to reduce cholesterol? Proper diet

The first step in lowering your cholesterol should be changing your eating habits. A properly composed diet, low in saturated fat, devoid of trans fat and highly processed carbohydrates should help lower cholesterol levels.

In the case of hypercholesterolaemia, the diet should be primarily natural, free from processed products, and rich in fiber. It should be based on vegetables, but also fruit, wholemeal bread, pasta, etc.

However, all this will be pointless if the patient continues to smoke or live under constant stress. It is being pointed out more and more often that diet is only one of many important components in the process of lowering cholesterol.

How To Quickly Lower Cholesterol? Bet on physical activity

Many people, when they get test results that say they have high cholesterol, wonder how to quickly lower it. There is no better way than diet and exercise. This does not mean that we have to train right away until we drop seven days a week. It is enough to exercise moderate physical activity, which may be intensified gradually as the condition improves.

According to statistics, just 30 minutes of exercise can significantly affect the condition of the body, including lowering bad cholesterol. In addition, the function of the heart and lungs is also improved, and the blood pressure is lowered in people suffering from hypertension. Movement is also good for people with diabetes – being active allows you to regulate and lower the level of glycaemia.

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Lowering cholesterol. A definite part with smoking

As mentioned above, in lowering cholesterol an important role is played by getting rid of the nicotine addiction. Usually it is noted that smoking is harmful, showing diseases of the respiratory system, especially lung cancer. And yes it is. Nevertheless, nicotine has a much broader negative effect on the human body, including contributing to a high level of cholesterol in the blood. Immediate resignation from it may be difficult, but it is necessary if we want to take care of our health.

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