Increased sanitary inspections from Wednesday

From today, increased inspections of the sanitary inspection in shops, hotels and catering establishments – said the spokesman of the Ministry of Health Wojciech Andrusiewicz on Wednesday.

In the morning, the chief sanitary inspector had a briefing with provincial sanitary inspectorates and here the categorical indication that from today there will also be more intensive sanitary inspection checks throughout the country – the spokesman of the Ministry of Health informed at the briefing. – These are not checks on individual people, because this is what the police deal with, whether we comply with the obligation to wear masks, keep a distance. These are inspections of economic entities, these are inspections of shops, hotels and restaurants – he gave.

On Wednesday, new sanitary restrictions entered into force, the so-called of the alert package in connection with the variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus omicron, announced on Monday by the Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski.

This 50% occupancy limit applies to churches, restaurants, hotels and cultural facilities such as cinemas, theaters, operas, philharmonics, houses and cultural centers, as well as during concerts and circus performances. The same limit applies to sports facilities: swimming pools and water parks (so far it was 75% of occupancy).

The limit of people attending sports events organized outside sports facilities has been reduced from 500 to 250 people. A maximum of 100 people can participate in gatherings and celebrations such as weddings, communions, consolations and meetings, as well as during discos (so far the limit was 150 people). The limit does not apply to people fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

In turn, the limit is one person per 15 sq m. valid at gyms, clubs and fitness centers, gambling, museums, art galleries, fairs, exhibitions, congresses and conferences (so far there was a limit of one person per 10 sq m). The same limit applies to commercial facilities, fairs, exhibitions, congresses and conferences.

The rules for travelers coming to Poland from outside the European Union, from outside the Schengen area and from outside Turkey will also change from Wednesday. Travelers, regardless of the means of transport, are subject to a 14-day quarantine (so far 10 days). They may be exempt from it, inter alia, when they are fully vaccinated with a preparation authorized in the EU. Releasing from quarantine is possible on the basis of a PCR test performed 8 days after crossing the border. The new rules also show that travelers from Botswana, Eswatini (formerly Swaziland – PAP), Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe cannot be released from quarantine, unless they are vaccinated with a preparation recognized in the EU.

From Tuesday to December 13, it is forbidden to land in Poland from airports in seven countries in the south of Africa. It covers arrivals from the Kingdom of Eswatini, the Kingdom of Lesotho, the Republic of Botswana, the Republic of Mozambique, the Republic of Namibia, South Africa and the Republic of Zimbabwe.

Other restrictions that have been in force so far remain unchanged. For example, it is still compulsory nationwide to cover the mouth and nose in confined spaces, incl. on the bus, tram and train, in a shop, shopping mall, bank, market and post office. Only persons with a medical certificate or a document confirming, inter alia, pervasive developmental disorders or mental disorders. You should also keep a distance – a minimum of 1.5 m from each other.

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