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The constantly increasing duration of land and mortgage register proceedings prompted PZFD to notify the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. As an example of delays, developers give the situation in Gdańsk, where in 2014 the average time to consider a land and mortgage register case was half a month, and in mid-2020 – almost 11 months.

– The extended waiting time for entry in the land and mortgage register generates losses for consumers both on the primary and secondary market. This is especially important in times of rising interest rates. Until the mortgage is entered in the land and mortgage register for the benefit of the bank, it requires a higher interest rate on the mortgage in the form of a bridging insurance. This can increase the installment by up to 20 percent. – argues Sebastian Juszczak, PZFD expert.

The union also points out that the protracted land and mortgage register proceedings constitute a barrier to the development of the real estate development industry. He reminds that already in July 2020 the industry intervened in the Ministry of Justice. She performed, inter alia, o increasing the referendum staff and improving the wage conditions of court employees.

As reported by PZFD, in the opinion of the Ministry (which is aware of the problems), the time of processing applications for entry in the land and mortgage register should be significantly shortened after the completion of consideration of all matters related to the entry into force of the Act on the transformation of the right of perpetual usufruct of land built for housing purposes into the ownership right to these land (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1716) and after the stabilization of the situation related to the coronavirus epidemic.

In the developers’ opinion, however, it should be remembered that almost three years have passed since the enactment law came into force, therefore this cannot be a sufficient explanation for the phenomenon of protracted land and mortgage register proceedings.

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