Incredible success of “Barbie World”

The movie “Barbie” helped make the title a buzzword.

It’s the movie of the summer! “Barbie” has exploded audience records since its July 19 release with 1,257,647 admissions and has earned just under $337 million worldwide. The film comes just before Oppenheimer, the other big movie of the season. A huge success that gave a real boost to the song “Barbie World” by Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice and Aqua which appears at the end of the film. During its first weekend of release, the title ranked in the top 5 on Spotify and Apple Music. Nicki Minaj was also present at the film’s preview alongside Margot Robbie:

While the rapper is thrilled with the success of her hit, she admits that finding the right music for the film was difficult. In fact, Nicki revealed that she rejected several songs on Barbie to find the one she loved most and surprisingly, she immediately matched it with Ice Spice’s proposed version:

“There were some songs I didn’t like I really liked this sample of “Barbie”. I just wanted it to have a dope drum, and so I loved the one they sent me! And I immediately jumped on it.”

In the clip, performed by the two New York-based rappers, they can be seen having fun in Barbie’s dreamland where they race on pink jet skis above puffy pink clouds. The pair sing feminine rhymes over a drill rhythm that samples Aqua and was produced by Ice Spice’s major hitmaker RiotUSA:

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