Independiente fans peacefully protest over sporting and institutional crisis

More than 300 fans gathered on Friday to demonstrate on one of Avellaneda’s main thoroughfares.

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group of fans Independent They held a peaceful protest this Friday at the club’s headquarters on Via Maitre in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires.due to the political, sporting, institutional and economic crises suffered by the organization

“Everyone go out, no one stays, no one stays!” This was one of the chants chosen by hundreds of fans gathered at their headquarters at 400 Avenida Mitre, Avellaneda. The appeal began at 7:00 p.m., with members and sympathizers of ‘Red’ gathering, most of the time sitting down to voice their dissatisfaction with the group’s authorities.

Independiente make their debut this afternoon in the Pro Football League Cup against Colón Ricardo Enrique Bochini, who plays for Libertadores de América’s De Santa Fe, is experiencing a delicate sporting situation at the bottom of the year’s standings, close to the relegation zone.

A group of Independiente fans held a protest at the club headquarters


A group of Independiente fans held a protest at the club headquarters

The club’s opposition, the Gente de Independiente Group, has submitted a petition to the ruling party asking for an “explanation” on the current state of the system, along with information on the pass market. A collection by influencer Santiago Maratea, an audit of former management and the crackdown on partners in the last home game against Boca Juniors by the professional football league.

This week, club president and Together for Change (XXSC) candidate for governor of Buenos Aires, Nestor Grindetti, said: He declared to Radio Miter that it was “more important” for Axel Kislov to win the election than his role in “Red”.

Shortly afterward, Grindetti noted that his words were “misunderstood”, but admitted that he had not found “the best words to describe it”. and provoked a backlash from Independiente fans.

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