Indexation and the Polish Order in pensions. This is how payments from ZUS will change in 2022. [TABELA]

It is certain – most seniors can expect two increases in benefits next year. The first will be at the beginning of 2022. This is the effect of tax changes introduced by the Polish Order, the act signed last week by President Andrzej Duda.

Most seniors will be exempt from income tax. However, the gross retirement pension will not be equal to the retirement pension. This is because you will have to pay another 9 percent. health premium. Everyone whose retirement pension or disability pension does not exceed PLN 4,900 gross will benefit (most people with a gross pension of PLN 2,500, here the profit will be almost PLN 190 per month). Those with higher benefits will unfortunately lose out on these changes – neither the government nor the MPs have decided to introduce middle-class allowances that would protect the benefits of better-endowed pensioners against the effects of the Polish Deal. And this despite the fact that those working under a contract of employment will be able to benefit from such a relief.

Pensions. The indexation of pensions will be record-breaking

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