Indexation of pensions 2022. How much will it be?

As Interia recently wrote, high inflation automatically means high indexation of pensions. Experts from the Pension Institute estimate that it will amount to 6.68 percent.

On Tuesday, the head of the family ministry, Marlena Maląg, announced in Wirtualna Polska that this year’s indexation of pensions will be at the level of at least 7 percent.

This should come as no surprise given the current inflation of 8.6 percent in December, as the minimum indexation ratio is the average annual inflation plus at least 20 percent. real increase in the average wage in the previous year. This is the minimum required by the regulations.

At 7 percent After valorization, the minimum pension will be PLN 1,338 gross – calculates Oskar Sobolewski from the Pension Institute.

Pensions are converted in March and the indexation index will be announced in February.

As experts from the Pension Institute point out, this will be the highest valorization in years, but it may still turn out to be insufficient if inflation continues to rise (it is the highest in 21 years).

Economists’ forecasts assume that inflation may even reach 10% in the first half of the year.

Retirees are also awaiting changes related to the Polish Order. People whose benefits amount to around 2.5 thousand will benefit most from the reform. zloty. At the same time, the government has already announced that it will undo one change that was introduced in January by the tax reform – this one is unfavorable for people who have pensions above 4.9 thousand. zloty. This is to be changed now by an amendment to the act and according to the announcements, for pensions between PLN 4,920 and PLN 12,800, the Polish Order is to be tax-neutral.

INTERIA: Interview with Marlena Maląg

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