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The new draft budget for 2022, published in December 2021, saddened many retirees. It was related to the forecasted indexation rate, which was much lower than the experts’ forecasts. Recently, however, the Minister of Labor and Family, Marlena Maląg, commented on this topic. The information she provided is still unsatisfactory for seniors.

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ZUS: indexation of pensions in 2022. The budget forecasts will not come true?

On December 17 last year, the Sejm adopted a new draft budget for 2022. The forecast rate of next year’s indexation of pensions would amount to 4.89 percent. This would be exactly the same indicator as indicated by the government at the beginning. With such an increase, the benefit would increase by an average of PLN 100.

Indexation of pensions 2022 how many percent? The minister of labor and family said how much the benefits will increase

However, the indexation will be higher than assumed in the budget. According to the data provided by the Central Statistical Office in the so-called By quick estimate, December’s inflation amounted to 8.6%. This steadily rising inflation could see retirees receive the highest pay rise in 13 years. Marlena Maląg said in the WP Newsroom on Tuesday:

For 6 years we have been making sure that the valorization of pensions is worthy. This year we are planning a percentage indexation. We estimate that it will certainly be at least 7 percent.

However, it is worth noting that this ratio may increase even more. This is because the indexation is carried out in March, based on the estimates available in February.

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ZUS: indexation of pensions in 2022. Seniors comment

On the Internet you can read a lot of comments from seniors about this year’s indexation forecasts. Most of them aren’t positive:

Success? And inflation? Even PLN 200 is not enough, let alone about 70 gross.

They suggest they care about retirees ??? They are only saving us partially from the inflation they have brought about halfway!

Higher indexation only means that there is higher inflation, and no government care for pensioners, the indexation was low as there was no inflation, that is, as prices did not rise.

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