India. 125 passengers infected with COVID-19. Before departure, everyone was healthy

  • Travelers from Italy to India faced unexpected problems
  • After they landed, they were tested for COVID-19 and found most of them infected
  • There was an argument with officials because passengers claimed that everyone had to test negative before boarding, and it is strange that so many people fell ill in such a short time
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The chartered plane, belonging to SARC Aviation based in New Delhi, landed in India on Thursday, January 6th around 4:00 am local time. On-site tests on 160 passengers gave as many as 125 positive results.

In total, 179 people traveled on board the machine, but according to reports, children and infants on airplanes were exempted from coronavirus testing.

The BBC reported that local media had pictures of ambulances lined up outside the airport to take infected passengers and crowds in front of the entrance gates.

Passengers and their families do not agree with the test results

At one point, the situation at the airport became tense as an argument broke out between officials and passengers. The visitors assured the services that all tested negative for COVID-19 prior to boarding in Italy. They argued that it was very unlikely that so many of them would test positive on arrival.

– said one of the passengers, quoted by the Indian Express.

Journalists of this website tried to explain the situation to the sanitary services. “We tested all passengers and there were many who tested negative. There is no conspiracy“Said the chief physician of Amritsar, Charanjit Singh.

Pandemic in India

On Thursday, India confirmed over 90,000. new cases of coronavirus and this is an almost six-fold increase in the incidence over the last week. Experts believe that the extremely infectious variant of Omikron is responsible for this. The country had 325 deaths in the last 24 hours.

The authorities there say that Omicron is the dominant strain in Indian cities and mass gatherings should be avoided. The worst coronavirus situation is in the states of Maharashtra, West Bengal, Delhi, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Jharkhand.

India has over 35 million cases of COVID-19 cases to date and is the second country most affected by the pandemic after the United States. For this reason, 482,000 died there. people.

Sources: BBC, Indian Express

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