India accidentally launched a supersonic missile into Pakistan

On Friday, the Indian government said Wednesday it had accidentally fired a missile that had landed on Pakistani territory. At around 6:45 pm Wednesday, Pakistan’s Air Defense Center observed a high-speed moving object from Indian airspace that eventually crashed near Mian Channu in northeastern Pakistan, damaging some residential buildings.

According to analyzes by the Pakistani military, what they described as an unarmed “supersonic missile”, that is, without an explosive warhead, had been launched from the area around Sirsa, in northwestern India, and had traveled an estimated route of about 124 kilometers in 6 minutes and 46 seconds, violating Pakistani airspace for 3 minutes and 44 seconds. Initially the Indian government had not commented on the news but on Friday admitted that the missile had indeed departed from India due to a “technical malfunction” and apologized for the incident.

Relations between India and Pakistan are historically rather hostile, in particular due to the disputed region of Kashmir, the Muslim-majority Indian state claimed by Pakistan: their governments, however, have entered into an agreement that provides for informing each other about any military exercises and missile tests before they take place.

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