India: Milan flight passengers escaped from quarantine

There were a total of 160 passengers on board the plane that landed in Amritsar on Wednesday evening. 125 of them tested positive for presence upon their arrival in India COVID-19. According to information from city authorities, nine people fled the airport and four escaped from the local hospital where infected passengers were referred.

There were also about 19 children on board, who were exempted from the test.

Police said they had started the cancellation process passports all fugitives.

“If they don’t come back, we’ll publish their photos in the newspapers and set up cases against them,” said Gurpreet Singh Khehra, deputy commander of the local police.

The Punjab, where Amritsar is located, is one of several Indian states that have restored restrictions due to the increase in coronavirus infections. On Tuesday, the state introduced a curfew and closed all schools and colleges.

On Friday, over 100 thousand new infections.


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