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Fans were stunned by what happened to commentator Harsha Bhogle during Instagram Live

A video of India’s well-known cricket analyst and commentator Harsha Bhogle is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Actually, recently Harsha Bhogle was giving live Instagram interview regarding the upcoming season of IPL (IPL 2022). During this, he suddenly disappeared from the screen screaming while answering a question asked in the interview. He is heard saying what happened? Who is it? Where did it come from? After that his voice stops coming. These words of Bhogle upset everyone and users started expressing their concern on social media, after which Harsha Bhogle is trending.

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In this video going viral, Harsha Bhogle was giving a live interview (Harsha Bhogle Viral Video). During the on-camera interview, he suddenly fell out of the camera’s frame. Meanwhile, the sound of his scolding and shouting was heard loudly. Actually, Bhogle was answering a question asked in the interview that suddenly his phone fell from his hand, after which nothing was visible, but Harsha Bhogle’s voice continued to be heard.

During this, the person doing the interview also gets scared. The person asked Harsha Bhogle many times about his recovery, but he did not get any answer. The very next moment everyone got upset. Meanwhile, many people felt that there was some disturbance in Harsha Bhogle’s house and people started having bad thoughts about it. At the same time, in no time people started expressing their concerns on social media.

Harsha Bhogle’s fans got upset on social media and started praying for her well being. However, later Harsha Bhogle’s wife Anita Bhogle clarified the situation by sharing the post on social media. Anita Bhogle wrote, ‘Friends, just making it clear that all is well with Harsha Bhogle. It was a promo that went viral and unfortunately left everyone worried. Thank you for the love and concern.’

After this Harsha Bhogle himself gave information about this video by tweeting. He wrote, ‘I am fine. Sorry to worry so many of you. Thanks for the love and concern. It went viral more than I thought. This too is a lesson. It was meant to lead to something else. Sorry and cheers.’

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