Indiana approves an almost total ban on abortion. White House: “Devastating decision for women’s rights”

The Parliament of Indiana, in the United States, has passed a almost total ban on abortion. The measure was signed by the governor Eric Holcomb. Indiana thus becomes the first to pass new and broad limits to this practice after, last June, the Supreme Court overturned the historic ruling “Roe vs Wade” which enshrined the right to abortion. Indiana law prohibits termination of pregnancy altogether except few exceptions. The practice is allowed only in the case of fetal abnormalities considered fatal, or to prevent serious physical health risks for the mother. Exceptions are also allowed for underage victims of rape or incest, but only up to 10th week of pregnancy. Doctors who violate the rules can be accused of having committed a crime, risking the revocation of the license. The legislation has passed despite the opposition of some Republicans, who thought it too extreme.

A “devastating” decision, “another radical step by the Republicans to wrest their rights from women”. So the White House comments on Indiana’s decision. “Congress should act immediately and approve a law that restores rights“Provided for by the Roe v. Wade. “Biden is committed to protecting women’s rights and freedoms,” adds the White House. Approval of the law in Indiana comes just three days after voters from Kansas, another conservative state of the Midwest, overwhelmingly rejected an amendment that would have eliminated the protections of abortion rights from the state constitution. In Indiana


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