‘Indiana Jones 5’: The accolade that made Harrison Ford blush at Cannes 2023

French Riviera was the protagonist of an emotional moment with the presentation of ‘Indiana Jones 5’, a film with which Harrison Ford bids farewell to the saga. The actor was showered with all kinds of compliments this morning, including one that made him blush

After 40 years, Harrison Ford bids farewell to the heroic hero who made him a film icon. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate marked the culmination of a cycle and this May 18 At the end of the film’s screening, attendees of the Grand Auditorium Louis Lumière erupted into five minutes of thunderous applause, It also stars Mads Mikkelsen, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Antonio Banderas. actor of Star Wars: A New Hope He wept bitterly at the good reception of the public.

Similarly, the 80-year-old actor received an honorary Palme d’Or from the Cannes Film Festival, a moment that left everyone emotional, including Ford himself, but the applause didn’t end there. hero of blade Runner attended the press conference, which was also attended by Mikkelsen, Waller-Bridge and the director, james mangold, As soon as he arrived, thunderous applause echoed in the venue. The room was packed and while some were waiting outside, resigned due to lack of space, the actor thanked the public for all these years.

In this installment, Ford puts his hat back on and, together with his granddaughter (Waller-Bridge), he will try to recover a legendary artifact that could change the course of history, while Jürgen Waller (Mikkelsen), an ex-Nazi ) is facing. works at nasa Although CGI was used in some scenes to make the actor appear younger, Ford was in charge of acting in the action sequences.Which took the onlookers by surprise, which is why one of the reporters took advantage of the moment and asked her about her exercise routine.

“I think you are still very good,” the journalist began, recalling one of the scenes in which the actor appears shirtless. “How do you keep fit?” It was the last question and the whole room erupted in laughter. The moment turned comical and although Han Solo’s interpreter looked puzzled, he answered politely. “I have been blessed with this body. Thank you for your attention,” he said. The moment went viral on social networks, and although attendees took it humorously, some users considered it an inappropriate comment, as some felt the actor was uncomfortable with the comment.

After Ford’s response, from the actor Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets interjected and told that once he had a night call which ended at 5:00 in the morning, everyone was very tired but from the actor adeline’s secret He took his cycle and covered a distance of 50 kms! This might explain why the actor has such a great figure and you’ll be able to see more of her in action on June 29, when it’s set to premiere. Undoubtedly, his farewell to Saga has been one of the most emotional moments at the Cannes Film Festival, where films such as strange way of life Pedro Almodovar and lost in the night of Mexican Amat Escalante.

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