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Action RPG games have been in trend for several years now. There are so many RPG games in the game market that the gamers have a tough time choosing one for themselves. Indivisible is a hand-played action-based RPG game developed by Lab Zero which has already created many popular games. Shot in a vast fantasy world, Indivisible is a story of Ajna, a courageous with an unruly streak who can set out on an adventure to protect everything that can destroy her. 

Indivisible is a game that is all about role-playing. It features amazing hand-created art as well as animation in combination with distinctive realistic combat elements. You can get immersed in a fabulous world which comprises unlimited playable characters, an intense story narrating an experience, a game that can be learned easily but not easy to master, and most importantly, the trademark of fine quality that is exactly what makes this developer so famous. The story of this game keeps revolving around Ajna, a courageous girl with a lot of power. Living with her father in the outer regions of their native place, her life starts with chaos when there is an attack on her home, and an unknown power rises within her. 

In the vast fantasy world of this game, characters and design draw inspiration from different mythologies and cultures. Throughout the adventure of Ajna, she gets to face several incarnations including people who can be absorbed and manifested to fight beside her. Several incarnations can be recruited each of them has its storyline. 
What is the game about?

The gameplay keeps following the story of a character called Ajna who is a girl to starts a worldwide journey to explore the facts that increase her superficial powers. During her adventure, she is followed by a varied range of distinctive heroes who gain new potentials to move from one environment to the other and attack enemies that get killed in that way. 

The game starts with combat in between a group of fighters created by Indra and Kala, the goddess. The ending of the battle takes place when Kala after getting defeated and fixed on Mount Sumeru while a baby is discovered by him whom he gives the name, Ajna and she is raised as a daughter to him. After 16 years, Ajna starts living with her father in the place called Ashwat till it gets attacked by an army headed by Dhar, her father’s killer. Once Dhar is defeated, Ajna makes use of her power to help Kala escape provided that she is a component of her body so that she can destroy the older world and recreate a new one. 
Role-playing games are widely popular throughout the world. There are some very common features shared by almost all RPG games. This game has a lot of exciting features to offer. To know more about the features of this game, look below:
Graphics are an integral part of any mobile game particularly if it is from the RPG genre. Given that fact, this game offers amazing graphics to the players. The players can always find these graphics no matter on which device they play the game. The graphics of this game are so appealing that you just can’t get over the game. You will always feel like playing more and more. The graphics are designed in a very well-mannered and they increase the quality of this game.

The next important feature to consider is the very engaging gameplay of this game. Although the gameplay is really simple it never fails to keep the players immersed in the game. The gameplay is extensive, to be honest, and you wouldn’t want an escape from it for sure. 

You can find several playable characters in this game. Some of the newest characters have been included in this game which makes it even more interesting than before. These characters are very new to this game and you wouldn’t have seen them before. There are plenty of new characters which can be used by you to play the game. 

Features of the game 

Indivisible PC Game Download

Name Indivisible
Initial Release Date 8 October 2019
Platforms PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Classic Mac OS, Xbox One
Composer Hiroki Kikuta
Genres Adventure game, Puzzle Video Game, Survival horror
Publisher 505 Games
Mike Zaimont
Category PC Games>Action,Role-Playing

How To Download Indivisible PC Instructions

  • Endless exploration 

Indivisible – Minimum System Requirement

  • Different combat mechanics 

Indivisible – Recommended System Requirement

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