Indoor movies, best ever to watch

Indoor film: when the location becomes the protagonist

Shooting all (or most of) a film indoors essentially responds to two needs: 1) rigorously following the subject of the story (especially if the source is a play); 2) limit production costs. When you manage to spend little and get great results – in terms of critical acclaim and public taste (which thus translates into big numbers at the box office) – the filmmakers on duty hit the mark.

There are films shot indoors that shine like precious jewels and they don’t only concern the most recent and current phase of the cinema market: on the contrary, they have existed since cinema has existed. It could only be like this: the first pioneers of the camera filmed in studio theatres, often recreating the interiors of houses and mansions from the early 1900s.

When the development of technology and an ever-increasing number of audiences in cinemas transformed cinema from an “intellectual fact”, designed for a certain class of society, into a form of entertainment aimed at all, films began to be shot on location suggestive and spectacular.

However, it is often the directors who have shot their feature films indoors who have taken realistic and faithful snapshots of the time. Apart from period films set in the past (think, for example, of all the gothic films shot in medieval castles or films set in ancient court palaces), it was the contemporary stories of their production that told us, through furnishings, kitchens, the evolution of society.

The titles of films shot internally from start to finish are many. We decided to divide them into different types of “closed” scenographies. Some of these works include some exterior sequences, but it is above all in the interiors, at home, that the climax always arrives. Because houses and rooms in films already tell us everything about the protagonists without needing them to open their mouths.

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