Infections among vaccinated people. “They are more frequent than it seems”

Coronavirus infections among those vaccinated against it are more common than commonly thought. The reason is insufficient monitoring of the situation, assessed former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb.

READ MORE: Coronavirus infections among those vaccinated against it are more common than commonly thought. The reason is insufficient monitoring of the situation – assessed the former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – Scott Gottlieb

Infections among vaccinated people

Anyone who has received Covid in the earliest stages of its commercialization should seek the booster injection because “There is probably more infection in the vaccinated population” than is currently monitored in the US, argued the former FDA commissioner and now a board member of Pfizer, quoted by CNBC.

He referred to the evidence that the effectiveness of Covid vaccines decreased over time. He added that infections can occur especially in people who stopped being fully immunized almost a year ago.

According to Gottlieb, booster vaccines offer an “almost immediate” effect of restoring antibodies.

There are likely more infections in the vaccinated population, the virus spreading more into part of this population if it hasn’t gotten an extra dose, than what we’re recording. We just don’t follow it systematically. (…) There will be retrospective studies that will identify this, but we are not doing a good job of neglecting to track it down now. And that’s an argument for people to take the booster vaccine

—Added Gottlieb.

Incentive for vaccination

He called on Americans to do so ahead of Thanksgiving, which is a time of intense travel. He argued that those who receive an additional dose in the coming days may “have much greater protection” against infection. He also asked parents to vaccinate their children. He explained that they gain a greater protective shield against Covid from the first dose than adults.

Gottlieb’s comments come at a time when Covid cases are booming in the US after weeks of decline. At the end of October, it oscillated between 70 and 75 thousand. daily. Last Sunday, the average number of new cases in the country increased from seven days a day to almost 92,400. It is 16 percent. more than in the previous week. CNBS reports these statistics based on an analysis of Johns Hopkins University data at Baltimore.

The World Health Organization (WHO) in its latest weekly epidemiological update announced that the number of Covid cases in the week ending November 14 increased by 6%. on a global scale. And this week, Europe has recorded more than 2.1 million new cases, which is around 64%. all cases around the world – emphasizes the CNBS, citing WHO estimates.

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