Inflation hits the peso! USD Prices in Bank of Mexico Today, January 9, 2024

he Mexican Peso The move came amid global strength in the US dollar and losses following the release of local inflation data. Today’s USD price on January 9, 2024 Closing price was 16.96 pesos per US dollar; meet here What is the Bank of Mexico exchange rate? It comes down to it.

Meanwhile, stocks fell sharply, extending a weak performance at the start of 2024 as part of a correction after reaching record highs in late December.

this The Mexican currency is quoted at 16.96 to 1 USD Almost at close of business, Loss 0.88% That compares with Monday’s Reuters reference price, when it briefly rose to its highest level since late August.

“In terms of strategy, we continue to expect the peso to depreciate to around 18.8 in the first half of the year, so we see value in holding long USD positions at current levels,” BBVA said in an analysis note.

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USD Prices in Bank of Mexico Today January 9, 2024

The price is Bank of Mexico USD Today January 9, 2024* Closing time:

  • BBVA Mexico – Buy 16.11 pesos, sell 17.25 pesos
  • Citibank – Buy 16.47 pesos, sell 17.41 pesos
  • Banco Azteca – Buy 16.40 pesos, sell 17.80 pesos
  • Banault – Buy for 15.80 pesos, sell for 17.25 pesos
  • Confirm banking – Buy for 16.00 pesos, sell for 17.50 pesos
  • Scotiabank – Buy for 15.20 pesos, sell for 18.20 pesos
  • imbursa – Buy for 16.60 pesos, sell for 18.00 pesos

*Exchange rates are as of 4:11 p.m.

According to information from Reuters


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