Inflation in Poland. Morawiecki found the guilty parties. “On the one hand Russia, on the other Brussels”

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki presented the anti-inflationary package on Thursday. It is a series of measures that are aimed at lowering the prices of fuels, energy, gas and food. The goal is lower inflation. The government abolishes or lowers taxes and excise duties for several months. As a result, Poles are to gain up to PLN 10 billion in total, said the head of government.

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Morawiecki on why inflation is rising. Guilty Russia and the European Union

Morawiecki also pointed to two factors which, in his opinion, contribute to the increase in inflation. – We all know that the price of gas has increased several times, 10 times from a year ago, and one and a half times. We have a significant translation of the prices of gas into the prices of fertilizers, and the prices of fertilizers are reflected in the prices of food. Gazprom, Russia, is directly responsible for the increase in inflation in Poland, stated Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

He also pointed to the cost of carbon dioxide emission allowances. Their price has increased to EUR 70 per ton. “This is a consequence of the European Union’s policy,” said the Prime Minister. He also pointed to Nord Stream 2, which “contributes to gas blackmail, energy blackmail”.

– Just as the prices of energy affect household budgets, the prices of fuels and energy affect the entire economy. Russia on the one hand, and Brussels on the other, summed up Prime Minister Morawiecki.

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Anti-inflationary package announced. Lower bills, food subsidies

The package presented by the government contains several elements. The first one concerns fuels – We are introducing a reduction in fuel prices. From December 20, we are implementing a reduction in fuel prices for five months through the amount of excise duty – stated the head of government. – From January 1 to May 31, fuels will be tax-free. We will also exempt entities selling fuels from the emission tax. […] The reduction at the stations will amount to approximately PLN 0.20-30, he added.

The second element of the shield deals with gas and electricity. – From January, for the three most difficult winter months, especially for those who heat their flats and houses with gas, we are lowering VAT from 28 to 8. This is a tribute to all those who need support from the state. We are not introducing any differentiation here, stated the Prime Minister. He also presented another action. – We completely abolish the excise duty on electricity. There will be more funds in the pockets of the citizens. PLN 10 billion package, a package consisting of tax cuts. As we have implemented the covid shield, we will implement the anti-inflationary shield – assured the Prime Minister.

The third element of the shield is about food. People on low incomes are to receive subsidies. – The government’s compensatory supplement is to compensate for higher food prices.

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