Inflation is killing. Morawiecki: we will look at each zloty three times

– Today we are proposing a large program of tax cuts that will benefit the people to mitigate the effects of inflation. This was the case in the past, when we implemented the anti-crisis shield, today we are implementing the anti-inflation shield – said the head of government.

VAT down on gas and energy

One of the solutions is to reduce the VAT on gas from 23 to 8 percent. The prime minister added that this is a tribute to all those who need support from the state and it concerns the whole society.


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From January, the VAT rate on electricity will also be reduced for three months – from 23 to 5 percent. – We will also apply for a change in the green certificates trading mechanism – announced the Prime Minister.


The government will also completely abolish excise duties on electricity. – All actions taken by the state budget will make it possible to keep more funds in citizens’ wallets – said Morawiecki.

Fuels cheaper by PLN 0.30

– We are introducing a reduction in fuel prices – announced the Prime Minister. – From December 20, we are implementing a reduction in fuel prices through the maximum reduction in excise duty allowed by the EU. In addition, from December 20 this year. by May 30, 2022, fuels will be exempt from sales tax and we will implement solutions related to the abolition of the emission fee – the Prime Minister announced. – All this will make fuel prices fall by about PLN 0.20-30. – announces the head of government.


But this is not the end. There are also plans to cut public administration expenditure.

– We will look at each zloty not twice, but three times. We will not create new earmarked funds or create new jobs. We are basically blocking the creation of new jobs in administration. We will also introduce changes to the operation of the Covid-19 counteracting fund, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

– We are also introducing a cover allowance according to income criteria, from 400 PLN to over 1000 PLN depending on the household. It will be paid in two installments in 2022 – Morawiecki informed.

The Prime Minister mentioned that the government initially wanted to reduce VAT on food to zero, “but unfortunately the European Union has a different policy and it did not agree to it.” – So we decided to compensate the Poles for the increase in food prices and instead of a VAT reduction, we decided on a compensatory instrument, i.e. a shielding allowance – he explained.




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