Inflation shield. This is how much a Pole will pay in 2022 for electricity, gas and petrol

Reductions in gas, electricity and fuel prices are announced by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki as part of the anti-inflationary shield. How will it work? Experts argue that in 2022 key articles will become more expensive anyway.

  • The gas, electricity and gasoline bill for an average family will be over PLN 200 higher than at the beginning of 2021.
  • Real belt tightening awaits Poles from April
  • Companies are preparing new electricity rates. However, customers will not know them until the second half of December
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Inflation is taking its toll on Poles more and more. So the government has announced a special package to combat high prices. There will be, among others lower VAT on gas and electricity, reduction in excise duty on fuels, and for less well-off households – special allowances.

Experts have no doubts – the measures announced by the prime minister will translate into bills – without the “shield” they would be much higher. The problem is that in January 2022, Poles will spend much more on electricity, gas and fuel than in the corresponding period of 2021.

According to the experts of the portal “High Voltage”, A family of four living in a 120-meter house will spend 1047 zlotys on all these things at the beginning of the new year. In January 2021 it was PLN 842.

The family fuel bill will go the most upwards – from PLN 389 to PLN 529. However, the calculations show that the shield will actually limit the increases in electricity prices. A family of four will pay only one zloty more than in January 2021. The gas bill – despite the shield – will increase by PLN 64.

Most of the tax cuts, however, will only apply to the period from January to March. What’s next? According to “High Voltage”, from April the bills will jump much more clearly. A family of four will then pay a bill for electricity, gas and petrol in the amount of PLN 1147. However, the calculations are still quite conservative, because they do not assume further increases in oil or gas and an increase in the euro exchange rate. If this happens, Polish families will pay much more.

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Companies will prepare bills

Energy suppliers do not yet know exactly what bills they will be billing from January. Here, the President of the Energy Regulatory Office is still awaiting the decision of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, who has to accept the rates. This has until December 17th.

However, energy suppliers ensure that customers will not have to “deduct” the taxes reduced by the anti-inflation shield.

—Sellers also provide the gross price with VAT on the invoices. The customer will see the final, lower price on the bill, taking into account the “anti-inflation shield”, says Mariusz Majewski, spokesman for PGE Obrót, in an interview with Business Insider.

Energy companies have not yet received any specific details of the shield from the government – so for now they are “waiting for the legislative work to be completed” and “analyzing” the issues related to the shield. “Energy suppliers do not hide that there will be a lot of counting in connection with the” shield ” due to the fact that there are customers who pay monthly and those who pay for energy once a year.

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