Inflation will accelerate even more. The CSO released the worst data in 24 years

These data will translate into store prices with a delay, but sooner or later they will hit our wallets. Producers in industry, agriculture and construction significantly increased the prices of their products and services in October, the Central Statistical Office reported on Monday. In the case of industry, there was the highest increase in exactly 24 years. Along with the increase in prices for four months, the level of prosperity in Poland is falling.

  • The price of meat for pork chops is falling. However, it is different with beef and chicken – these get more expensive instantly
  • The prices of cereals and milk are also going up fast
  • The industrial sector also increased its prices, and it was the fastest since October 1997. Apart from the fastest-growing fuels, the prices of coal and electricity were also rising rapidly.
  • The cost of building housing goes up slower than inflation
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Industrial production prices increased by 11.8 percent. year on year in October, purchase prices of agricultural products by as much as 15.6%, and construction and assembly prices by 5.5 percent. – GUS reported on Monday. This information heralds a further increase in inflation, which in September amounted to, let us recall – 6.8 percent. In the case of industrial prices, this is highest increase since October 1997

– The data indicate a further acceleration of CPI inflation in the coming months. We currently see the peak in the vicinity of 8.5 – 9 percent. yy – BNP Paribas analysts comment.

The increase in prices will have an impact on the level of prosperity in Poland. The Prosperity Index – reflecting the economic condition of Polish society – in November this year. Moreover, it fell by 0.4 points compared to the previous month’s value, the Biuro Inwestycji i Cykli Ekonomicznych (BIEC) reported. The indicator has been systematically deteriorating for four months.

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