Inflation will be higher than expected? The prime minister is clear

When adopting the budget act, the Ministry of Finance assumed that GDP growth would amount to 4.6% and the average annual inflation would amount to 3.3%. However, these forecasts may not be up to date.

– The budget was created when the world did not think too much about inflation. A few months ago it was not the number one topic, it was not even the number two topic – said Morawiecki on Tuesday.

As the Prime Minister said, the average annual inflation rate it may even exceed 7 percent. Therefore, it will be necessary to amend the budget and adjust it to the new forecasts.


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The problem is that the Act cannot be amended yet, because has not yet passed the full legislative path.

– It was not even signed by the president, so it is difficult to talk about an amendment to something that has not been adopted – said Morawiecki.


Inflation is rising

Economists expected the reading at 8.3 percent. Even the gloomiest forecasts spoke of inflation of 8.5%, so the price increase surprised them once again.


Anti-inflationary shield

In addition, the government is proposing to reduce VAT on food. The prime minister appealed to food traders Fr. corresponding reduction in the prices of articles.


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