Influenza, cases rise in Trentino. The appeal of the doctors: ” It is important to get vaccinated, many young people already sick ” and on the Apss campaign: ” They had to anticipate it ”

TRENTO. L‘immunity against the flu it could be drastically decreased. In the lasts 2 years the Covid pandemic also due to the presence of the restriction measures, now abolished, seasonal viruses had decreased but now the situation which could occur in the coming months is completely different.

To ask for maximum attention are the general practitioners of Trentino which launched a appeal to all the population to take part in the anti-flu campaign already started by APSS.


To confirm the attention that there must be are the data that photograph a growth in pathologies and cases over the last few weeks.

In Australiawhere the winter season begins in April 2022, the weekly number of reports exceeded the data of the last 5 years and the peak was early.

In Italy, in the week from 31/10 to 6/11 the InfluNet Italy report reported an incidence of 4.8 cases per thousand assisted, well beyond the survey of previous years. In Trentino the cases reported by the 17 sentinel family doctors were 2.92 / 1000 assistedcompared to 1.18 / 1000 in 2021, 0.37 / 1000 in 2020.


The doctors involved at the forefront both in the clinical management of the flu season and in the flu vaccination campaign, we want to strengthen the call to citizens to protect themselves and others by adhering to vaccination. It is done by the Italian Federation of General Practitioners of Trento together with the Autonomous Union of Italian Doctors.

In Trentino, the minimum objective of minimum vaccination coverage it is also achievable thanks to the diffusion of the aggregative forms of general medicinewhich 87% of general practitioners now adhere to and in which there are figures fundamental in the planning of vaccination sessions such as the study collaborator and the nurse. The administered doses recorded in the doctors’ software are directly transmitted to the local and national vaccination registry, without paperwork or through various web portals as is the case in the rest of Italy.

The campaign promotion initiatives – however, explain the Trentino doctors – like the APSS press conference on 10 November, they must be brought forward to the beginning of October as per ministerial circular. In addition to vaccination, respiratory hygiene should be recommended to contain the spread deriving from sneezing, coughing, with the protection of the elbow or a handkerchief, avoiding close contact if you feel influenced. It is also important to wear a mask indoors and wash your hands often “.

An appeal, again from the doctors, is addressed to the patients: “Maintain the habit of wearing masks even in our professional offices, as in the rest of healthcare facilities“.

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