Information about Jacek Kurski will disappear from the covid database

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It is a government database related to COVID-19. The Register of Entry to Poland (EWP) is the database in which the Border Guard places the data of persons quarantined after returning from abroad. It also includes quarantine and isolation in other cases, such as after a test order is issued.

Since the police can check whether a given person complies with quarantine, the database contains such data as address or telephone number.

As Onet describes, Jacek Kurski’s data in the database was manipulated in December after he tested positive for COVID.

The president of TVP was sent for a test on December 12 after contact with an infected person. On that day, there was a real phone number next to his name in the EWP database. The next day, a positive test was carried out, as a result of which Kurski was sent to isolation.

After that, Kurski’s real number was to be removed and a false number was entered instead: 600,000,000. A day later, on the next test, the situation repeated – first the real number was entered, and then it was replaced with a false one.

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Another change in the base took place on the night of December 22-23, which is just over a day before the disclosure of the positive Kurski test result. At that time, a second profile with the name of Jacek Kurski was established in the EWP database. The new profile is almost empty – there is no data on December or previous tests.

We sent a request for comment to the TVP press office and the Ministry of Health. We are waiting for answer.

The case of the Kurski test

On December 24, reported, citing its findings, that on December 12, the president of TVP Jacek Kurski reported to the hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration in Warsaw as a person who had contact with a person infected with coronavirus. The first study found no virus.

After two days, the test was to be repeated. This time the sample, according to the portal, was positive, and Jacek Kurski should have gone for 10 days of absolute home isolation. As Onet emphasized, at that time the president of TVP appeared in public several times. On December 19 he flew to Paris for Eurovision Junior.

Jacek Kurski denied these reports. In a Twitter entry from December 24, he called Onet’s publication “slanderous”. He reported that after passing the coronavirus infection, he obtained the status of a convalescent.

The Ministry of the Interior and Administration Hospital said in a December statement that Kurski was indeed PCR tested on December 14 “after the active phase of the disease in order to confirm the convalescent status”.

SARS virus CoV-2 RNA was detected in the body of the TVP president, which, according to the hospital, “indicated a late period after COVID-19 infection.” The facility added that antigen tests were in turn negative.

The hospital asked the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station to end the period of Jacek Kurski’s isolation. Isolation formally ended on December 15.

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