ING: Anti-vaccines hit the bank (update)

ING anti-vaccines have raided the bank

ING Bank Śląski announced the introduction of QR code scanners that will allow employees from the so-called covid passport. Social media has raged.

ING Bank Śląski intends to introduce QR code scanners that will allow vaccinated people to enter the building, as well as convalescents and people who have been tested for the SARS-COV-2 virus. It will concern only bank employees. In this way, the risk of large disease outbreaks is to be minimized. At the same time, the bank ensures that it does not exclude anyone and does not dismiss unvaccinated employees.

We try to create a safe work environment because we care about all of us and for the stable functioning of the bank.

– we read on the ING Polska profile on Facebook

Some even interpreted the bank’s intention as a desire to segregate customers (see screenshot below).

ING conversation screen

A wave of hate spilled over on social media, probably mostly from opponents of covid vaccination and vaccination in general. Commentators encourage others to boycott the bank and threaten it themselves. There were also quite logical questions for ING. When the bank wrote in response to one of the comments that it did not exclude anyone or dismiss unvaccinated workers, one Facebook user wrote:

How do you imagine such a solution? After all, this is a clear manifestation of a lack of logical thinking. If someone does not show a certificate (because he is against segregation), he will not enter the building, otherwise he will not be able to work. On the other hand, it is obvious that vaccinated people also get sick, have symptoms and may end up in quarantine. So what is such a pass supposed to give? Then such people also have to be tested despite vaccination? What are these illogical solutions? And this is from the institution that holds our money.

A lot of unfavorable comments for the ING bank can be found, among others under this post.

We ourselves are also curious what will happen to ING Bank Śląski employees who will not be able or will not want to scan any QR code at the entrance to the building. We sent a question on this to the bank’s spokesman. When we receive a response, we will share it with our readers.

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We received a response to the above case from the press spokesman of ING Bank Śląski. It turns out that the QR code readers of covid passports will appear only in the headquarters buildings, and people who do not have a valid EU COVID Certificate will work remotely.

Indeed, in mid-December, we announced this to our employees. In this way, we want to minimize the risk of large disease outbreaks. We care about the health of our colleagues and the stable operation of the bank.

Therefore, we will soon introduce the QR code readers of the EU COVID Certificates (the so-called covid passports) in our largest office locations (Sokolska, Chorzowska and Roździeńska in Katowice, Ruda Śląska and Plac Unii in Warsaw). We will install them in access control zones, i.e. at locks and tripods through which employees enter the office. We introduce them in the headquarters buildings (not in bank branches). All employees with a valid EU Digital COVID Certificate will be able to enter the headquarters buildings, i.e. not only vaccinated, but also convalescents and people temporarily after the test. Employees who do not meet the above conditions will work remotely.

As for the question about hate. As I wrote earlier, we care for the safety and health of our employees. From the beginning of the pandemic, we appeal to our employees to apply the principles of sanitary safety, and from the moment vaccines are available for vaccination. I support these activities with all my heart. I myself suffered from Covid, I was in the hospital for three weeks connected to oxygen equipment, I know the consequences of this disease and I do not wish anyone a similar “adventure”.

– wrote Piotr Utrata, press spokesman of ING Bank Śląski

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Text source: ING, Facebook

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