Inhabitants of Tychy in the eye of the camera! See PHOTOS of the city on Google Street View. Maybe you were also photographed?

GOOGLE STREET VIEW. See how the tyszanie in the PICTURES look like. Last year, a Google car drove around Tychy, so in 2022 we will have an update of our city’s photos! After several months of processing the photos, the new entries in Street View will replace the old ones. Who was previously captured in the photos? How is our city looking like? See if you were photographed as well.

Caught in Tychy. Did the Google Street View camera capture you too? see photos

Last year, from May to October 2021, you can see an unusual car with a camera on the roof on the roads of Tychy. It was, of course, a car with a Google Street View camera, which photographed the streets, and by the way … the inhabitants. It did it by surprise, so in the photos you can see strollers, mothers with children or elderly people waiting for the bus. In a word – Google documented everyday urban life.

See if the camera captured you early. You can find photos in the gallery.

See the gallery(65 photos)

Explore your neighborhood with Google Street View

Google allows us to see the world. Thanks to Street View, we can visit New York, Sydney and London. It only takes a few clicks and we are here. What is Street View?

– Street View is a virtual representation of our surroundings on Google Maps, consisting of millions of panoramic photos. Street View content comes from two sources – it’s provided by Google employees and our contributors. Thanks to their combined efforts, people all over the world can discover new places virtually, we read on the Google website.

Inhabitants of Tychy in the eye of the camera! See PHOTOS of the city in Goog …


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