InPost is building a network of electric car charging stations

The stations are to be placed in distribution centers and at InPost parcel lockers.

Brzoska: InPost takes another step

Rafał Brzoska, CEO of InPost, emphasizes that the company has created the largest network of out-of-home collection points in Europe.

– We have one of the largest fleets of electric cars in Poland and we are investing heavily in its expansion. We install photovoltaic panels to make InPost parcel lockers autonomous and ecological, additionally surrounded by an anti-smog block. Now we are taking the next step – electric car charging stations. In the future, the InPost parcel locker will not only be a multi-service point that will allow you to collect and send parcels and provide various services – but also an autonomous charging station where you can charge your phone, scooter or car – explains the entrepreneur.

GreenWay: The largest electromobility project

GreenWay Polska’s task will be to provide and install AC and DC charging stations in InPost logistics centers. The company dealing with the development of electromobility will also be responsible for the management of the chargers and their service.

– The electrification of the car fleet is not only about buying cars. It also requires preparations at the level of the charging infrastructure. Cooperation with InPost is the largest electromobility project for business in Poland so far. We are glad that we can help our partners achieve the ambitious goals of minimizing the carbon footprint – said the president of GreenWay Polska, Rafał Czyżewski.

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