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Dutch Van der Linde’s fate was sealed from the start, and Rockstar gives us a clue

Beware of spoilers: This article contains important details about Red Dead Redemption 2’s ending.

It’s been over five years since the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, and we’re still obsessed with Great stories from Rockstar Games Able to create. The adventures of Arthur Morgan have become iconic and have reached narrative Olympus thanks to a truly spectacular combination of characters.

Throughout the episode we will deal with the members of Dutch van der Linde’s gang and gradually begin to see how the factions within the organization form. Some disapproved of the leader’s approach and opposed him, while others believed that all necessary measures must be taken to survive.

The power struggle can be summarized by the characters of Arthur, Sadie, Charles and John Marston on the one hand and on the other we find Dutch, Javier Escuela, Bill Williamson and Mika ·Bell’s character. Confrontation is inevitable That’s exactly what the video game’s Steelbook warns us about below.

The interior of the physics box available in Ultimate Edition shows the first group on the left with their guns raised, while their opponents are on the right.hints of things to come Red Dead Redemption 2 It won’t be pleasant at all and the details have to be taken into account The protagonist is the only one who is not threatened by slashing.

This is because throughout the show, Arthur keeps trying to reason with Dutch, but fails, so he ends up facing the harsh reality. People who have played Red Dead Redemption already know in advance where the plot is going, but for people playing the series for the first time, it takes them completely off guard.

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