Inside the Mind of Cillian Murphy, From “Peaky Blinders” to “Oppenheimer”

With him, everything literally happens in his head. The mask, of course, is the face. This gray hair is divided into two parts by a parting right in the middle of the scalp. These piercing steely blue eyes, which form the highest point of the figure and cast a gaze that is impossible to look away from. And the rounded shapes that make it up – the nose, cheekbones, chin, mouth – are as if drawn by an artist. At the end of this quick inspection, one thing is clear: Nobody looks like Cillian Murphy. The 47-year-old Irishman’s demeanor is also unlike any other actor.

When he sees you entering the suite of the grand hotel in Paris where he does his interview, he brings out a bottle of water and pours a glass over you: “You have to drink, it is very hot today. , Once your glass is empty, the actor starts to feel more secure. Conversation can begin. “We have time to talk to each other and we will take whatever time is necessary.” He assures. The promise will be kept. Despite the time bound constraints of promoting a film, Cillian Murphy pays little heed to the passage of time, making things last as they should. This gives time to see the characteristic color of his face.

Therefore, his gaze resembles that of an extraterrestrial being, at least that’s the idea we have about it. Like the influence David Bowie created in the 1970s, he presents a unique physique. “I was scared when I saw his eyes. round. Worry”, Christopher Nolan first met the actor when he was considering him for the role of Batman Batman Begins (2005).

neither quite the same nor quite different

The British-American director offered him the role of Scarecrow, a corrupt and mentally unstable psychologist in an insane asylum. “I remember well the first impression Cillian had on the team when he arrived on set, Christopher Nolan remembers. It created tension that I had never seen before. That was very scary. , But the director didn’t stop at this first impression and went on to make him one of his favorite actors. Today, Murphy has the title roleOppenheimer, In cinemas Wednesday July 19: The Physicist, the Father of the Atomic Bomb.

Cillian Murphy in Dublin on 5 July.

What is remarkable about Murphy is the persistence of this face. In oppenheimer And of all the films shot under the direction of Nolan: Batman Begins, dark Knight (2008), start (2010), the dark Knight Rises (2012) and dunkirk (2017), as in the British series peaky blinders (2013–2022) which introduced him to the general public and in which he played a gang leader in post-World War I Birmingham, Cillian Murphy remains the same, apart from with a pair of glasses and a haircut. Never the slightest bit of prosthetic…we find ourselves imagining him waking up early in the morning for his day job, arriving on set on time and posing for the cameras without any makeup artists ever having to hand him over Presents before.

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