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They can be funny or serious, short or long, obscure or autodepreciativas.

Might still be a play on words: “And now we’re FRIENDS in Instagram”, – joked the actress Jennifer aniston, after the publication of photos with the actors of the series Friends. Or go straight to the point: “Happy Halloween, set,” wrote the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

We can’t forget also, the game marketing: “We’re going to break the world record, after more tanned in Instagram”, – said the text that accompanied the picture of the eggs.

All the phrases above captioning photos on Instagram. And although the photos were the main attraction on a platform that is extremely visual, this short text that accompanies the photographs can have an important role.

This becomes even more obvious after Instagram have tested to hide the number of “likes” each message gets. Only the author could see the popularity of the publication, as part of the test, which is aimed at reducing competitiveness and improve the mental health of users.

Words existing in the exudates, which can open the soul, the captions help to identify the influential and stand out from the test crafted, the text posted along with the photos handed over, to begin to have more weight.

The power of subtitles

A simple Google search shows how people are more appreciate subtitles.

There are millions of results like “50 subtitles creative Instagram”, “100 titles to photos alone,” or even “40 phrases, amazing song to sign his pictures”.

I have a proposal for all contexts, for example, photos with your friends (“it Seems to me that in a madhouse, but only my friends”), food (“to Be healthy or to be happy, that is the question…”) and the Academy (“stop mimimi and boron-warm-up!”).

Many of these websites, of course, intended for instagrammers fans who need the inspiration to subtitles.

But if you are experienced and working as a counselor, you know that the legend is not only a place for emojis. It is an occasion to attract more people to interact with the post.

“A lot of times, I used the subtitles with a beautiful picture to show the harsh realities, as in the case of isolation from Kashmir,” says the photographer travels Siddhartha Joshi, Mumbai, India.

In his case, when subtitles create on the message informative content that will not only publish the photos, which leads people interested more in the profile (although Joshi to consider the image itself is more important).

The subtitles are not placed in the background add context and set the sound post, and this contributes to increase the number of their supporters.

“It’s like the icing on the cake,” says influenciadora Mariko Dennis, Chicago, USA, which uses Instagram to promote your business of jewelry.

For her signature, and is also used to connect with the students, allowing them to learn more about who you are and what you think, instead of having only to see my physical self.

For authorities, the subtitles encourage what they need most: part. It is measured by the number of people who like message, comment, or share. The author of a post not just. The more participation, the more likely signs closed sponsorship or trade agreements with influential.

“In Instagram, photos strong, that keeps users in the channels. However, the subtitles is what makes people,” explains Stephanie Cartin, one of the founders of Socialfly, Agency, new York, which combines authorities and large corporations.

“Share your stories, the real, to request additional information, ask questions, funny or square is a great way to start a conversation.”

Studies show that published pictures with the caption on Instagram get more engagement than those without text. In Socialbakers, company, marketing, social networking, analyzed six major media such as BuzzFeed and HuffPost, and found that the messages are accompanied by explanatory text produced 41% more engagement on average for 2017.

For marketing professionals, “dialogue, which contributes to the community, giving essential subtitles well thought out,” says Cartin.

Connection method

Part of the force of subtitles is the sense of community they bring. According to experts, they serve as the bridge that makes us feel more connected to people that we follow.

Floor “of Benson”, teacher of English at Skidmore College in new York, which specializiruetsya on Internet culture and digital identity, believes that subtitles help to perpetuate the cycle that has us in social networks.

“The idea of the announced networks to put us, the users, and the stars in the same plan. The idea of a counselor is a person whose task is to earn money [fazendo isso]”he says.

“If it is a model very depend on it, so that people can work and participate.”

What makes a legend, okay?

It is recommended that participation no longer like or to celebrate all the friends to use emojis and hashtags and make several versions before you send it. Or, in case of doubt, look at one of the numerous websites offering the legend to inspire you.

But the real usefulness of the subtitles better contact with the audience, which contributed to the generation of “megalegendas” ads bed and deeply personal, shared, stars such as actress Lena Dunham and singer Taylor swift.

This reflects a trend towards greater stars and authorities, if you discover more about some of the problems, such as mental health problems, social networks. But it can also create competition for a novel in which influential feel the need more and more to expose yourself and open your soul.

In fact, these labels that cause, comments may have side effects. American rapper KARDi B, which has more than 60 million followers on Instagram, criticized the initiative likes to hide, saying that the comments were, in fact, the most difficult aspect of Instagram, and especially those same comments, get likes and individual replies.

Users of Instagram, she said in one of the films, “began discussion of the most crazy, began to provoke racism, and all this comments because they want to get to the top, they want to get as many responses.” The more likes you get, the higher it appears in the list of reviews, accommodation specific.

Some media agreed with her: “Cardi has a better analysis of this problem is that the majority of people who get paid to make these decisions,” writes home feminist Jezebel.

Advocates also supported the artist, saying that Instagram needs to focus on deleting accounts bots (robots) and trolls (who make jokes and malicious comments), and not to hide likes.

Some analysts, companies such as AdExchanger, new York, said that when the likes will no longer be a measurement, number of publications, people are much less well-known than Justin Biebers or Kylie Jenners Instagram from can benefit.

“The incentive to achieve the best results and ideas will attract more business microinfluenciadores – people with the base of supporters, wide and true – instead of stars, which get a lot of likes, but do not have a personal relationship with the audience”, – said in a blog on the site.

Influential may be concerned that the changes affect to earn a living.

The test has forced some people to tears, saying ” to hide “likes” will do. However, experts argue that it is only a question to be more creative in other ways – like writing subtitles is better than to keep people interested and participating.

“Leaders as valuable as those communities that they create,” says Cartin.

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