Instagram filter expert reveals what celebrities change the most in their appearance

Lucas Lucco with and without an Instagram filter (Photo: reproduction/Instagram/@lucaslucco)

Lucas Lucco with and without Instagram filter (Photo: reproduction/Instagram/@lucaslucco)

You know that “perfect” skin, without any sign of acne or enlarged pores, that many of the celebrities you follow display on social media? It’s just one of the requests Brenno Faustino and other augmented reality experts get when hired to do filters of Instagram.

“Each filter has a purpose, like publicizing events and launches, increasing engagement and so on. In the case of those who change appearance, I usually get the same requests: make the skin more even, gently plump the lips, thin the nose, whiten teeth, reduce dark circles and enhance the tan”, says Brenno.

With a list of clients that ranges from Lucas Lucco and Virgínia to several ex-BBBs, such as Guilherme Napolitano, Hariany Almeida, Munik Nunes, he has already reached the mark of 2 billion impressions with a filter created in partnership with Carol Peixinho, the “HUJI”, which arrived and was used even by Demi Lovato. In his personal profile, “Perfect Skin” is approaching 50 million impressions.

And outside of Stories?

Brenno also says that he has heard from several professionals that, thanks to the popularity of their filters, the demand for certain aesthetic procedures has increased. “I had no idea that something like this could dictate trends. It’s something that was not part of the strategy of the filters created, but it ended up happening”, he comments.

Samara Pink, Brenno Faustino and Virgínia Fonseca (Photo: reproduction/Instagram/@brennof)

Samara Pink, Brenno Faustino and Virgínia Fonseca (Photo: reproduction/Instagram/@brennof)

Recently, makeup artist Christian Silvério went viral when he reacted to the dissatisfaction of a woman who hired a makeup artist to reproduce Virginia’s makeup. In the video, he gets real about the unrealistic expectations that Photoshop filters and effects can generate and highlights the importance of valuing our individuality. A more than necessary message for those who go to the beauty salon or to the dermatologist in search of a result that is humanly impossible to achieve. See below:

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