Instagram has brought back the chronological layout of the content!

This message is for many who miss chronological Instagram like a star from the sky. People who are fed up with the current way of presenting content on the main tab of the application will certainly be pleased with the return of the chronological feed.

The lack of chronology took its toll

It’s been a while since we made the drastic changes to Instagram’s news feed. And by a bit I mean over 5 years. In 2016, the platform, under the leadership of Facebook for a long time, introduced algorithms that adjust the order of displayed content to the user.

At first, they caused terrible chaos by burying the photos average Kowalski tons of material, shared by celebrities and brands. It is true that this has changed over time and the algorithms have been a bit more refined, but the distaste still remains.

New look for the home screen (photo: Instagram)

Many people wondered why the platform did not decide to provide users with a simple switch so that changing the display mode could be adapted to the user’s preferences. Twitter, for example, decided on such a move. Most likely, it was about the desire to increase the activity of influencers, which would translate into higher profits from advertising.

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Instagram changes its mind

After several years of asking and waiting, a lot of people forgot what Instagram looked like with content sorted by date added. The website felt that this was a great time to provide users with the old-new chronological display feature. What’s more, two new versions of the feed have been prepared to please everyone this time.

Adam Mosseri, Instagram CEO, announced on your Twitter account about the start of testing two new news channels. After the changes, the content on the website will be available for viewing using three channels:

  • Main – the current way of presenting photos and videos, based on algorithms, consisting of both materials from the observed accounts and those offered by Instagram,
  • Watched – chronological order, content shared by all accounts watched by the user,
  • Favorites – a chronological order, narrowed down to the content added only by the accounts indicated by the user.

Changing the news feed will be done using the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the interface. Currently, the Instagram logo is located in this place.

The new function should be gradually made available to subsequent users of the website. If all goes to plan, it will be available to everyone by the end of the first half of 2022.

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