“Instagram is a mental health hazard”

The British actor explains the reasons for his decision in a video

The star of “Spiderman” thus enters by right in the list of those who have undertaken the so-called

“digital detox”,


Miley Cyrus to Taylor Swift, Pete Davidson or Justin Bieber,

or a path of detoxification from social media. “I get too involved”, continues the actor in the video: “and social networks become like a spiral, so it is very harmful to my mental health. So I take a step back and delete the apps”.

In the caption of the video Holland then takes the opportunity to talk about Stem4, “one of the charities that The Brothers Trust (a mental health charity founded by Holland’s parents) is extremely proud to support and plays a fantastic work “, writes the star who then invites his followers to watch his video and share it with anyone who feels in tune:” There is a link in my bio to The Brothers Trust Shop, where you can buy a t-shirt and help us continue to help these amazing charities thrive.
I love you and let’s talk about mental health. “

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