A serious bug in the security of Instagram in these hours allows you to publicly share users’ private posts, let’s see what’s happening.

A serious flaw in the security of Instagram dates back to the last hours, one of the most famous social networks in the world and belonging to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. The bug would allow users to share private content publicly.

We try to better understand how the bug from Instagram related to security: the hack, easy to carry, allows you to share via the web browser Stories and private posts of social network users. BuzzFeed has discovered that it is sufficient to use the tool for inspecting the code of the page, then go to the IMG section and extract the URL of the specific private content of the user. This absurd but true URL can be viewed by anyone: it is not even fundamental to be a follower of that specific profile.

This security bug also works with posts and stories that have already been deleted by the user: so imagine the harmful potential of an operation that allows you to retrieve this information, as well as current and private information, and then share it online, visible to all. Facebook stated that this is not a serious problem, comparing the hack in question with the screenshot of a post. It doesn’t seem exactly the same thing, but Facebook is still Facebook.

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