Insurance: off to Antitrust sanctions

Hard blow to two of the main insurance companies in Italy: Unipol and Generali. The two giants were fined five million euros for carrying out unfair commercial practices, in violation of the consumer code. The violations refer to the liquidation of motor liability claims.

This is the maximum sanction applicable in these cases, as mentioned, for violation of the consumer code in the field of unfair business practices. Generali and Unipol Assicurazioni are the two main giants of the insurance sector in Italy, so this is a hard blow to swallow. According to the Antitrust Authority, the commercial practice was carried out through misleading and aggressive conduct.

Let’s explore the story together in the following article.

Unipol and Generali: why were they fined?


Let’s clarify why the two big ones insurance companies have been fined by the Antitrust, with the maximum possible fine. According to the report published by the Antitrust itself, it is stated that:

the two companies have implemented dilatory, obstructive and / or unjustified refusal behaviors, in relation to the exercise of the right of the injured party to access the claim file.

The two insurance companies are also accused of having responded late to the numerous requests for access to documentsas for the assessment of the claim. Generali belatedly rejected the requests for access to a compensation formula. Unipol, on the other hand, did not send this documentation to the customer.

Insurance: here are the incorrect behaviors


After identifying the sector of origin of the problem, the Antitrust is committed to defend the rights of consumers from the unlawful conduct of companies. In detail, it is said that:

There have been a large number of claims in which the offer and / or its refusal were formulated late with respect to the deadline set by law. In the case of UnipolSai, in addition to this, further obstacles were identified, such as the failure to respond to requests from consumers regarding the status of the case or the difficulty in making contact with the liquidator.

Such actions have therefore strongly limited the freedom of choice or behavior of the consumer.

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