Intel Meteor Lake in the photo – this is what the processor in Intel 4 technology looks like

The premiere of Intel Alder Lake processors turned out to be a success. The manufacturer, however, does not intend to stop there and is already working on the next generations of systems – photos of the Meteor Lake generation have leaked to the network.

Intel Meteor Lake – the manufacturer is preparing a revolution

As some of you probably remember, Meteor Lake processors were announced a few months ago. The new chips will be produced in Intel 4 technology (previously referred to as 7 nm), but the manufacturer will use various packaging processes here (including Foveros 3D technology).

Intel Meteor Lake - the announcement of processors

Intel Meteor Lake

As in the Alder Lake models, the units are to use a hybrid architecture – the more efficient Redwood Cove (P-Core) and weaker Crestmont (E-Core) cores will be combined in one system. We can also expect support for DDR5 memory and the PCI-Express 5.0 bus.

Intel tests Meteor Lake processors

There is still a lot of time until the premiere of the processors – the mass production of the Meteor Lake models is to start only at the end of 2022 (we expect the market premiere even later, because only in 2023). Earlier, Raptor Lake models are to debut. However, it seems that Intel is already working intensively on implementing the production of processors.

CNET’s Stephen Shankland visited Intel’s Arizona manufacturing facilities (Fab 42 and Fab CH-4), where he managed to take pictures of silicon wafers with the new Meteor Lake processors.

Intel Meteor Lake - silicon wafer

Intel Meteor Lake - silicon wafer

Intel Meteor Lake - silicon wafer

What can be seen in the photos? Most likely we are dealing with a mobile version of the processor – the system consists of several chiplets (separate for the processor cores, graphics chip and I / O interfaces – the function of the fourth “piece” is not known at the moment).

If you are interested, please refer to the CNET article for more photos from the Intel factory tour.

Source: CNET, VideoCardz

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