Intel, the agreement to build a chip assembly factory in Italy would be close

Intel and the Italian government would be close to closing the deal worth an initial $ 5 billion per the construction of a chip assembly and packaging plant in Italy.

Intel’s Italian investment is part of a larger project that commits 88 billion of the American company to the construction of production plants throughout Europe.

The talks between Italy and Intel intensified at the end of 2021, when the areas for the construction of the factory were also hypothesized: the Mirafiori area in Turin or Catania.

In March of this year, Intel published an official note on ongoing negotiations with Italy, which also illustrated the 5,000 new jobs generated by the presence of the plant, divided into 1,500 in Intel and 3,500 between suppliers and partner.

Intel wants to invest 4.5 billion euros in Italy. Here is the expansion plan in Europe for the next few years

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The Italian factory would be an advanced packaging plant that uses innovative technologies for manufacturing complete chips. By “packaging” we mean the container with the connection terminals that houses the actual die, ready to be connected to the printed circuit. A chip packaging factory can be a third party to the foundry that produces the chip that will be “packed”.

The agreement at the end of August to bring forward the elections?

According to new rumors reported by Reuters sources, the outgoing Italian government is working to get to an agreement with Intel by the end of Augustso before the national elections on 25 September.

Italy has allocated 4.15 billion euros until 2030 to attract the attention of chip manufacturers and thus fund new industrial applications linked to innovative technologies such as semiconductors.

Italy’s money fits into the 15 billion put by Europe up to 2030 in the Chips Act, aimed at the construction of semiconductor plants, and the 30 billion invested by NextGenerationEU, Horizon Europe and national budgets.

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